Retired Army / Military Contractor.   I still keep my remaining hair buzz-cut short, use black ink pens only, don’t skimp on the colorful cuss words and have an irrational worry about being over my weight limit.  I’m a free market libertarian– ever since I was 17 and read Friedman, Rand, Simon and The Freeman.  I’ve been married for 21 years, have two sons, a cat and a house and live in a cold mid-western state (I support Scott Walker!).   I’ve finally got time (between jobs) to work out some of my latent creativity and this blog was created for that purpose.


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  1. Jon says:

    Hi! Shot in the dark, here. Have you ever read a book called “pistoliers on patrol.”

    I had found it in an old bookstore once and then lost it some years ago. Have not been able to find it since.

    Took place on frontier. Cavalry captain and his company lived near a town. Someone was supplying the indians with guns, and he was trying to find out who. Turns out it was one of his own men. Lieutenant so and so.

    I don’t remember the author’s name. And it was a fairly short book. But it’s stuck in my memory as I had a notion to run it as a boothill scenario.


    • Jon,

      Google search “Pistoleers on Patrol” by William Heuman. It seems to exist only on Hardback. I’ve never read it. There are copies on Amazon and Abe Books.

      Heuman was a fairly prolific writer (mainly westerns) from the looks of some of the other titles that come up under his name. \

      That would make for an interesting plot. On 01 June, I posted a pulp story with a similar plot–gun running called The Indian Ring.

  2. Jon says:

    Thank you! Knowing the author really helps. I’m going to have to dig up a copy. Cheers!

  3. Sean B. says:

    I created a western RPG in 1987 and have played it all over while in the Air Force. Now I am putting it all together in a PDF so as to give away for free use. I enjoy your blog, good stuff. My question is can you point me in a direction where I can get artwork that I can use in my free publication? I have three “books” for the game so far, such a Player’s Guide and The Judge’s Book and a game supplement with weapons and dry goods. I would love to include illustrations and artwork, particularly the weapons. I have been using photo’s from a firearms museum but I don’t believe I will be able to reproduce to give to others, even if I do so at no cost. Any ideas?

    – Sean

    • I would go to Wiki Commons. There you will find all sorts of royalty free images that you can use freely in any publication. I don’t think their use clause prohibits anyone from using it in publications even if you make money on the publication. It’s been a while since I’ve browsed their images. It might have lots good western art, clipart, gun line drawings, and photos of historical western figures. Also, I think Wikipedia used royalty free images that link back to Wiki Commons.

  4. Robert Ertelt says:

    I enjoy your site and have read every pulp story you’ve posted. I’d like to point out that factoid does not mean a small fact. It means something believed to be a fact but isn’t. From the Latin suffix -oid meaning to resemble. Keep up the good work. Bob E.

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