Old Time Catalogs

GeneralStoreInteriorEvery Role Playing Game usually involves some shopping…a magic store for the wizards, a blacksmith or sword merchant for the fighters and a gun store for the well heeled gunfighter.  Long campaigns may see player characters decide to build a ranch or fix up a recent purchase of a plot of land outside of town.  Outlaws might have to buy unique tools for a certain bank job they are planning–tools like dynamite or nitroglycerine and every well prepared hideout has to have a stock of canned goods, matches, bacon, tobacco and other essentials.  So it is inevitable that a good game master (GM) will encourage players to go shopping as a way to learn about rumors, gossip and other news as well as to deplete their cash supply and force them into some type of action.

Most (good) rules books will have price lists for a majority of the items you will need to purchase in the game such as ammo, horses, and guns.  However, to make your GM master a bit more inventive or just easier for them quote prices on some odd and unique items here are some odd catalogs I’ve found on the web.  You can find prices on everything from stove top lifters, cavalry swords, hammocks, elaborate cane handles, tents and even early push lawn mowers.  But remember, out west these items might have to be sent for by mail order.  It could take up to or over a month for a particular item to arrive.

A. Coulter & Co. Staple Goods and Novelties 1865

Armstrong Company (Military Goods) 1881

Lyon Brothers Fireworks 1904

Staple Fancy Goods 1871 (Novelties & Toys)


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