The Texas Rangers (in Comics)

The Texas RangersHere are some factoids I’ve collected from various old comic books that tell the story of the legendary Texas Rangers.  Texas Rangers had their own movies of course (well over a couple hundred movies in fact), several television series, a radio series, several comic books and a dedicated pulp magazine creatively called “Texas Rangers”.  They feature prominently in western fiction–The Lone Ranger was a Texas Ranger before he became a masked avenger and the heroes of Lonesome Dove trilogy were Texas Rangers.

Also provided below are a couple of comic books (one based on the 1951 movie starring George Montgomery) and issue number 005 of the comic book called Texas Rangers in Action.  The Texas Rangers is a huge subject and there is plenty of more material on them for later.  Introducing this organization into a role playing game would be a great way to build up a formidable team of lawmen to have epic shootouts with bandit gangs and border crossing rustlers.  A team of 3-4 rangers (player characters) seeking a band of owl hoots would be the start of a great adventure.

Texas Ranger Factoids

Texas Rangers in Action No. 005

The Texas Rangers (Motion Picture Comics)


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