Western Games Grand Re-Opening! 02 April 2016

Reopening2This blog will re-open on April 2nd, 2016.

It will have been a year since my last post and I feel it’s time to start posting again.   So to make up for this huge, huge lapse I’m announcing a Grand Re-Opening of this blog and to celebrate I’ll be posting every day from April 2nd to the 10th and at least weekly from then on.

Way back when I started this blog I tried to make this a go-to “resource” for Western genre hobby gamers and role players.  I provided reviews of books and movies, pulp stories, comic book factoids and black and white photographs of the great old West as this was great for inspiration.  However, I’ve always meant to focus more on the gaming aspect of the Western genre and started to move in that direction but things came up personally and I really had to down-size certain aspects of my semi-retired life.  So I reluctantly put away the miniatures and paints for a while as well as some other hobbies and basically took a long break from blogging here.

Once open again, I hope that this blog gets more traffic and it becomes a greater and more timely resource than it has been.  I will be promoting it more and will definitely give it my best efforts.  Thanks to those who stopped by regularly and I’m sorry to keep you disappointed for so long.  Please stop by more often and see how this goes.


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Retired Army.
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