AppaloosaAppaloosa.  2008; Directed by Ed Harris; 115 minutes; Cast: Ed Harris (Virgil Cole), Viggo Mortensen (Everett Hitch), Jeremy Irons (Randall Bragg), Renée Zellweger  (Allison French).

Appaloosa.  (Not to be confused with the 1966 movie called The Appaloosa)   One of my top 1o favorite westerns.  Simply an outstanding movie in all regards including casting, plot, acting, cinematography, realism, and action.  There are decent reviews (345 to be exact) here and Roger Ebert’s here.  The movie is based on the 2005 western novel written by Robert B. Parker who is better know for his Spencer for Hire and Jesse Stone detective series.  In fact there are six books in the Virgil Cole & Everett Hitch series; Appaloosa, Resolution, Brimstone, Blue-Eyed Devil, Iron Horse, Bull River (the latter two written mostly by Robert Knott).

Appaloosa’s classic western plot is perfect for a short campaign as it pits a large gang of cowboys working for a villainous rancher who recently killed a sheriff and two deputies in cold blood.  The setting is in the small town of Appaloosa, the surrounding countryside and a small border town called Beauville.  Player characters are hired on by the town committee as gunmen/lawmen in order to restore the peace.  The Cole-Hitch team could be expanded to three or four players if need be and the rancher may have hired his own pair of gunmen.

BeauvilleI took several screen shots of the “western movie architecture” which includes shots of the movie sets in New Mexico and Texas (including Bonanza Creek Ranch, NM).  The .pdf is below…

Appaloosa Screen Shots



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