Big-Book Western Magazine

Big-Book Western Magazine was created by Two Books Magazines publishing house and later was bought out by Rogers Terrill at Popular Publications in early 1936.  It was first published in January of 1933 and ran for 144 issues–until August of 1954.  According to Wordslingers (a most excellent resource on Western pulps by Will Murray) in 1954 Popular also killed off Dime Western, Star Western, .44 Western, New Western, Max Brand’s Western Magazine, Fifteen Range Romances, Western Rangers Stories, Western Ace-High Stories, Rangeland Love Stories, 10 Story Western and Western Story Magazine.  It was a very tragic year for western pulp readers.  It was usually published every other month but from 1946 to April 1949 it was a monthly.

Big Book Western Magazine was popular because it did not have serials and featured some top writers from Terrill’s stable such as Walt Coburn, Archie Joscelyn, Cliff Ferrell, Ed Earl Repp, William Colt MacDonald, and even Luke Short.  It usually featured 2-4 longer length novels/novelettes with 4-5 smaller western short stories.  Interior illustrations were excellent as well as well as the usual factual fillers and Letters to the Editor pages (called Round-Up).

I recently lucked out and found a couple dozen superfine quality issues of Big Book Western on eBay.  They were not too expensive–just right I thought but when the shipment arrived I was blown away by their pristine condition.  So I thought I would share some scans of the covers here on the blog.  Also there are several scanned copies of Big-Book Western Magazine floating around the web: here is the December 1945 issue…

Big-Book Western Magazine December 1945


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2 Responses to Big-Book Western Magazine

  1. Shay says:

    From the looks of these covers, good guys wear red shirts. I hope you’ll be able to scan and share more — thanks.

    • Ha!. That does seem to be a popular color for the law enforcement. I wish all my pulps were this clean. I buy them mainly for reading so many pulps in my collection don’t even have covers. I’ll be sure to post the nice ones. Thanks for stopping by.

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