Langford of the Three Bars


A quick post to let folks know this blog is still alive….the item today is an old fashioned public domain western called Langford of the Three Bars that was published way back in 1907.   I started to write a review of this book some time ago but I recently stumbled across this excellent blog called Buddies in the Saddle and it appears that Mr. Sheer, the proprietor,  has beat me to it.  I encourage you to read his review which is spot on.  He makes a good point (as do some of the comments) about accepted prejudices of the time.  I love some of the golden nuggets you find on Google Books and this is one of the better ones but it is unsettling sometimes to be reading one of these vintage fiction books and stumble on passages that refer to “half-breeds”, “mex”, “beaners”, “niggers” and “chinks”.  It’s just something you read past I guess and wonder, what the hell were they were thinking back then, but I never feel that that detracts from the story.

To answer the question “what does this have to do with Western gaming hobbies” is basically to let folks know there is a huge amount of public domain material available to western enthusiasts.  I often find fans of westerns are also fans of western movies, comics, old time radio, television westerns, pulps, and other media and all these are a natural source of plots and inspiration for your western hobby gaming.  It’s a genre that seems inexhaustible and one should grab what is freely available.

I cobbled together a nice copy of this book into a .pdf below that might be easier on your tablet or eBook reader.

Langford of the Three Bars


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