Well, I can’t tell a wisker here–I’ve indeed moseyed away from this blog for a pigs whistle or two.  During my absence I did find this little angeliferous guide to quaint American slang and “Americanism’s” of the English language.  It was published in 1889–right in the middle of the classic era of the Western frontier.  It contains many interesting idioms and slang words used back in that time.  Some examples include: ambia–a euphemism for the tobacco juice produced by chewing; fiendishment–a fiendish act or spirit; and hickjop–a fool or simpleton.

There are also several dozen nick names for cheap whiskey and drink including bust-head, drudge, stone-fence, chained-lightning, corn-juice, railroad, rot-gut, fourtyrod, tanglefoot, stagger-juice, turpentine, caper-juicebaldface, and phlegm cutter.

Beware–18MB file below….

Americanism’s Old and New


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