Western Themed Magazines

So sorry for being AWOL on this blog over the last several weeks.  I’ve been working on other projects and my mind kind of wandered away from Westerns for a while.  Nevertheless, I’ve been reading many paperbacks and watching some of the really old vintage Westerns on my new Roku box.  For today though I’m just posting a couple of  links to some neat online resources about the West.

The first is an old periodical entitled Desert: Magazine of the Southwest.  It’s no longer published but their entire archives (.pdf) from 1937 to 1993 are available online at this link.  Inside are many articles about lost treasures, ghost towns, wildlife, and history of the old west.


The second link is for reading online only.  The periodical is American Cowboy and their archives (1994 to 2008) are located on Google Books at this link.   Like Desert there are nice articles on the American West with a focus on cowboys, ranching and horses but I’ve found lots of historical pieces as well as some on movies and popular western cultural icons.  (Note:  You can’t download these magazines but if you use Firefox you can save selected pages by right clicking on the image and selecting View Page Info.  From this window you just need to find the image and use the save as command button.  Don’t forget to add “.jpg” to the image name.)

American Cowboy

A much older periodical is Out West: A Magazine of the Old Pacific and the New which is also available at Google Books.  Link. This magazine originally was known as Land of Sunshine Magazine which started in 1884 but later changed it’s name to Out West in 1911 which lasted until 1923 when it merged with Overland Monthly to become Overland Monthly and the Out West Magazine but this ultimately ended publication in July 1935.  Although it’s focus was on California, you can also find some old western fiction in these magazines as well as nonfiction articles about old west towns, American Indians, little known locales and history.  You can download these a .pdf files and they can be found as Out West or Out West Magazine Volumes (which have six issues combined).

Out West


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