Some more ‘dobes in 1:72 Scale

I’ve finally completed a batch of adobe’s and am getting ready to sell off some of them on eBay.  Here are some pictures.  They are a little different than the last ones I made.  I switched from as wooden roof to a more realistic dirt covered one.  I had a neat idea of using zip ties (or more porperly Locking Cable Ties) for window shutters and you can see some of the buildings have them.  These ties come in many sizes but I used a three or four of the larger industrial sizes–just find the right size that looks appropriate for the window and snip to the right height and glue (making sure the “slats” are pointed down).  I also used granny grate for some windows which turned out pretty good as well.

I have some more that are in the final stages of detailing.  These are some standard Western town false fronts and some residences with Spanish tiles and bases.  Note: all of these are constructed mainly from 5mm cut blue (and some pink) insulation Styrofoam.


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