Posting another huge list (151,672) of surnames that you can use to overcome writers block when developing NPC’s or player characters.  This list came from the U.S. Census and ranks each name by the number of people registered in the census with that name.  You can see how many Smiths, Johnsons, Williams and Browns there are–in fact the first ten names account for over 13 million folks.  The further down the list you go the more obscure the name is.  The cut off for this list was 100 (folks who shared the same name) so I’m sure there are even more odd and probably unique surnames some people have.  The list contains every conceivable nationality.  I also posted some small black and white pictures found in old pulps, comics and clipart collections that gamers might use for their characters.  The file is an Office 2007 Excel document.

Census Surnames


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