Wagon Train 4


There is a “plethora” of information on Wagon Trains on the web.  A simple Google Image search turns up dozens of informative websites and pictures and diagrams.  All a bit overwhelming.  I also found lots of interesting museum pieces an models of these famous wagons.  The highlights are below.  One particular website is the Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop that makes actual replicas of many of the famous wagons and stagecoaches from the 1800’s.  Their working wagons are beautiful works and the web site is a great reference.  I also found an interesting list of what would normally accompany a typical settler’s wagon heading west.  The pioneer wagon carried a huge assortment of goods the families needed to survive the trip and to homestead once they reached the end of their journey.  If you were to take a peak in a pioneer wagon you would most likely see:

Bedding And Tent Supplies:  Blankets, feather beds, ground cloths, pillows, tent, poles, stakes, ropes.
Weaponry: Rifle, pistol, knife, hatchet, gunpowder, lead, bullet mold, powder horn, bullet pouch, holster.
Food: Flour, bacon, coffee, baking soda, corn meal, hardtack, dried beans, dried beef, dried fruit, molasses, vinegar, pepper, eggs, salt, sugar, rice, tea.  Up to 6-months rations for each member of the train was normal.
Cooking Utensils:  Dutch oven, kettle, skillet, reflector oven, coffee grinder, coffee pot, teapot, butcher knife, ladle, tin tableware, water keg, matches
Miscellaneous Items:  Surgical instruments, liniments, bandages, campstool, chamber pot, washbowl, lanterns, candle molds, tallow, spyglasses, scissors, needles, pins, thread.
Clothing:  Wool sack coats, rubber coats, cotton dresses, wool pantaloons, buckskin pants, duck trousers, cotton shirts, flannel shirts, cotton socks, brogans, boots, felt hats, Palm-leaf sun hats, green goggles, sunbonnets.
Tools And Extra Equipment:  Set of augers, gimlet, ax, hammer, hoe, plow, shovel, spade, whetstone, oxbows, axels, kingbolts, linchpins, ox shoes, spokes, wagon tongue, heavy ropes, chains.
Luxuries:  Canned foods, plant cuttings, schoolbooks, musical instruments, dolls, family albums, jewelry, china, silverware, fine linens, iron stoves, furniture.


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