Border War

I found these pictures at the National Archives web site (somewhere there–I cannot find the exact location).  They provide a remarkable view of American and Mexican soldiers and Mexican revolutionaries operating along the Mexican border during the insurrection there in 1909-1913 and later during the pursuit of Panch Villa in 1916.

I always liked watching westerns set in Mexico during some period of revolution.  Movies such as The Wild Bunch, Pancho Villa, Villa Rides and Cannon for Cordoba are great stories in a great and explosive setting.  Probably one of the most under-appreciated westerns is the Spaghetti Western called The Mercenary (Il Mercenario) starring Franco Nero as a Polish mercenary Sergei Kowalski (the Polack) who sells his services to Mexican Revolutionary Paco Roman.  These pictures show how it really looked.  Next post will be similar but showing more buildings.


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