¡Three Amigos!

Three AmigosI admit to an unusual affection for this 1986 movie.  It’s funny, had great sets, a good plot and features three comedic geniuses at their goofball finest–Steve Marin, Chevy Chase and Martin Short.  So I decided to watch it again and grab some screenshots of one of the most elaborate Mexican style movie sets I’ve seen in just about any western with ten times the budget.  I can’t add much to what is already written in the Wikipedia article so I won’t other to say if you never saw this movie you should add it to your list and if it’s been a while since you last saw it you should see it again.  I should also point out that the musical score was by Elmer Bernstein who created the wonderful soundtracks for epic westerns such as The Magnificent Seven (all three movies), The Comancheros, The Shootist and The Sons of Katie Elder among many others.

As I mentioned, what I liked most about this movie was the great attention to detail found in the movie sets featuring the town of Santo Poco and the bandit’s hide out in an old Spanish Mission complex.  There are some great ideas for some small scale houses here.  Screen shots below…

Three Amigos


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