‘dobes in 1:72 Scale

I recently started researching Southwestern style adobe structures and decided to construct several buildings that I thought would be good for a sleepy town just across the border in Mexico.  Eventually I created the nine buildings that you see below.

I have a Proxxon Thermocut table top foam cutter that serves admirably as a precision “table saw” for foam and so I used some salvaged blue colored DOW Styrofoam cut into 5mm thick sheets to construct the basic shapes.  To support the four walls and to also provide a support for the roof I put in some square foam corner posts inside each corner cut a half inch/10mm shorter than the roof. I then framed the windows and doors with smaller cuts of foam.  I cut out the roof pieces and to fit each building and then laid thin cuts of foam on top as roof timber.  The sharp edges of the roof were sanded down and I etched some exposed brickwork in random places on each building for that “decaying structure” effect.  On some buildings I used bamboo sticks to create vigas–the Spanish term for the wood roof beams that often protrude from adobe buildings.   Everything wasthen painted with a mix of dark brown acrylic paint mixed with white glue.  This helps to seal the foam and protect it from rough handling.  When dried I dry brushed a tan color over the brown and then he each with a dry brush of flat white.  The Mexicans like to use a pastel color on many of their buildings so I added a light blue highlight along the bottom of each structure as well as some of the window frames (which I left open) and the doors.  I only based one building just to test a technique utilizing those adhesive backed floor tiles one finds in the big home improvement stores.  I will be practicing my technique on future structures but the results of last month are seen below.  Building plans and more W.I.P to follow too.


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2 Responses to ‘dobes in 1:72 Scale

  1. Brent says:

    Looks great. The pastel blue color on the windows and doors of adobe buildings are traditionally to keep evil spirits out.

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