I’m back!


I’m back to updating this blog–please disregard my administrative note on the 14 September 2012 post.  I took a short break to work on some other projects but also to better organize my approach to future Western themed gaming blog posts here.   Since I’ve been away I have been working on several miniature scale buildings, some figures, read some more rule books and supplements, and watched several dozen westerns.

In the future I hope to provide more “gamer goodness” vs. plain general western themed posts.  So you can expect more scale maps & floor plans, game reviews, buildings and terrain tips, universal rules tables and supplements, miniature reviews and even some scenarios.  I’m eliminating Pulp Friday and instead, when I post a pulp story, I’ll provide a much more in-depth conversion of the story to a playable campaign hook or quick scenario.  Same with the paperback reviews.  I’ll keep up with the movie reviews but with a focus on getting something out of the movie for gaming purposes.  I’m very interested in the hobby so I’m going to try to flesh out my links and blogroll more.  Also I’m geared up to start making more western style scale model buildings so there will be more W.I.P. posts.  Posting will be done more or less 2-3 times a week but this will be random.  Please follow along and I hope you won’t be disappointed.


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One Response to I’m back!

  1. Jon says:

    excellent. Welcome back. 🙂

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