Pulp Friday: Gunsmoke on the Range

This week’s pulp western story is from the November 1950 issue of Masked Rider Western (it was also published in earlier pulps in 1940).  The author was Charles N. Heckelmann who wrote many westerns for the pulps and later for the paperback market.  He was also influential as an editor in several publishing houses during the 1960’s.

This story is pretty much summed up in the byline “Mason Returns to Avenge His Drygulched Father!”  Revenge for the slain father is a popular western plot device.  Scenario developers can always use this to get a good campaign going.  It allows for a logical introduction of a player character into the locale.  The aggrieved PC could have several friends that accompany him to assist him in getting back his ranch or land.  In many of these stories, like this one, the main character leaves the area to attend to his newly widowed mother.  In some cases he went to prison for some trumped up reason or he was sent away from the area to live with relatives because he was too young to take over the ranch.

Gunsmoke on the Range

NOTE:  I’m going to suspend my posting here for a bit.  I’m not really hitting my goals with this blog because I have not been able to ramp up my Western miniatures and role playing gaming.  When I created this blog I wanted to post more western game related information such as scenarios, maps, building plans, miniature reviews, etc.  The pulp stories, book and movie reviews were only supposed to be secondary fills.    So until I can get going on my western terrain and figures and get some gaming time in I’m going to hold off a bit on further posts.  Future posts will be more directly related to western role playing and miniature games. 


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