Comic Book Factoids: Cowboys

Today we have some more fact pages collected various vintage comic books.  These are all about cowboys–their clothes, mannerisms, saddles, and other trivia.  Cowboys are an essential part of most western stories and should be prominent in any western game.  They are often found in groups in town spending their hard earned money on booze, women and gambling and later making their way back to the outlying ranch to work hard until next payday.  Pay was low, $30-40 a month, but the cowboy life did come with benefits such as a horse to use, hearty chow and a roof over their head in the form of the bunkhouse.  During winter months, when the work was minimal, many cowboys would “ride the chuck-line”.  This means they don’t get paid but are allowed to continue to use the bunkhouse and get fed daily in return for them being available for odd jobs that come up. They were loyal to their brand and would often get into conflicts with other cowboys working on different ranches.  The job of a cowboy was full of menial work done outdoors for sometimes weeks on end and it was frequently dangerous.    These factoids can help flesh out your campaigns a bit to make your cowboys a bit more realistic.


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3 Responses to Comic Book Factoids: Cowboys

  1. Wow these are amazing! It’s a shame they’re quite small though, I’d love to read them properly! Connie

    • Konnie,

      The problem with the pictures is Word Press. They insist on displaying them in a carousel view. I assure you that the are pretty high res. If you see the link entitled “permalink” click on that and it would give you the full picture.

      Thanks for commenting on my blog. I appreciate that folks get something from my efforts.


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