Pulp Friday: The Indian Ring

This week’s pulp story comes from Exciting Western September, 1947.  It centers on cattleman Jim Casey who has been trying to make a go of his hard scrabble spread that borders Apache territory.  After the latest Apache raid on his small ranch that results in the death of one of his hired hands Casey decides to set out alone in order to find who is responsible for running guns and whiskey to the Indians.  He tells his remaining two cowboys that if he is not back in two weeks to sell the ranch, cattle and horses and take the money.  While scouting for evidence Casey brings in a likely suspect to the Army post and gets his first clues.  In his quest he also allies himself with a recently cashiered Cavalry officer and together they work against great odds to destroy the “Indian Ring”

This would be a good scenario for any western PG game–figure out who the smugglers are while keeping yourself alive as you scout about in hostile Indian territory as well as looking over your shoulder to avoid the smuggler’s allies.

The Indian Ring


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