Pulp Friday: Nine Coffins for Rocking H

This weeks pulp story comes from the typewriter of John D. MacDonald who is more famous for his mainstream success as a mystery and thriller novelist than for his pulp westerns.  It is a sad and bloody tale of ranchers vs. homesteaders.  It is about what a small handful of determined people can do to stand up against injustice and murder when the law fails.  It’s tightly written with just enough background on the characters to make them live and breath in the space of 11 pages.  There’s lots of death as well and when men are shot they don’t simply fall down.  MacDonald has them slowly slide down and sit upright atop of another corpse or he has their teeth blown out of their face when they are shot from behind.

Nine Coffins for Rocking H

Admin Note:  Another Pulp Friday so soon.  How fast the time flies when you are busy with springtime chores.  I had hoped to post some more movie and paperback reviews this week but it seems that will not be the case.  Hopefully over the next week or so I’ll tie myself to the computer and get caught up on my reviews and other posts.  I’m not one to start a blog and let it die after a couple posts.  I’m also not too concerned about readership either which is pretty low.  My philosophy is that blogs are terrific to discover when they have tons of undiscovered content waiting for you to browse through.  When I feel I have enough to offer I’ll probably start promoting this blog more.  I’m also not set up yet for painting my miniatures and building western themed houses for war gaming.  Once I start that up I intend to be posting more gaming related information, tips, techniques etc.  I just want to let readers know that this blog will be chugging along the peaks and valley’s of my free time.  Keep checking it out.


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