Pulp Friday: Invitation by Bullet

This week’s pulp western is a 39 page work by Ernest Haycox that was featured in Short Stories 25 April 1929.  If you’ve never read anything by Haycox this will be a treat.  The story features the adventures of Indigo Bowers and Joe Breedlove–two itinerant riders of the open range who stumble upon evil doings in Terese, Texas.  Indigo is the short bantam pessimist and a whirlwind of destruction when riled up.  Joe is the honest straight shooter and duo’s analytical deep thinker.  Kindly to a fault until provoked.  The names Haycox has given his characters are pure original gems for a western story:  Dead Card John, Praygood Nuggins, Snipe, Rube Mamerock, Sam Trago, Crowheart Ames, Bristow.  His somewhat archaic prose throughout this piece is thoroughly enjoyable.  Haycox wrote several other stories that featured the adventures of these two wandering philosophers of the old west.  They are some of his earlier works from the late 1920’s and early 30’s.

The concept of a wandering pair of cowpokes would work very well for a small group of role players (two PC and a GM).  The game master could introduce smaller stand alone adventures each session that would fit into a single night of play.  After the adventure concludes the player character duo wanders off to the next series of events occurring next playing session.  Just like Indigo and Joe.

Invitation By Bullet


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