Comic Book Factoids: Wilderness Encounters

I’ve been AFK for the past several days and have lots of writing to do to catch up on some posts.  I’ve been preparing a review of the Knuckleduster Cowtown Creator guide and hope to have that out soon.  Unfortunately with the unseasonable good weather there are several chores that I must do first.  So in the meantime I’ll continue to post some odds and ends until I get more time to write up more game, movie or book reviews.

Today I am posting several more small factoid pages that I’ve culled from some vintage comic books.  I think back to my old Dungeon and Dragons DM who always would roll random wilderness encounters whenever we traveled between towns and dungeons.  Several Western RPG’s also have similar random encounter tables for critters and creatures.  The pictures below feature just a few of the many animals your characters may run across out west.


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