Pulp Friday: Gunsmoke Angelus at Mesa Grande

How embarrassing.  I forgot to post yesterday’s pulp story.  No matter. Here it is…

This story is a short tale of what can happen when an outlaw, newly released from prison, returns to a small town to take his revenge.  In this case, when Jim Turnbo returns there are lots of folks who would want to see lying dead on the street.  Who will take him down?  This story appeared in Dime Western (v56 n04) dated December 1949.

Gaming Note:  It just goes to show you that Non Player Characters should often have a more significant say in gaming events.  When playing Boot Hill I found great satisfaction in bringing out true character in my NPC’s.  As a Game Master one should try hard to make NPC’s interesting.  For example: Instead of simply an elderly town grocer you should make him an elderly, highly decorated, one-armed Civil War veteran.  His wife could double as the town gossip and local temperance movement activist.  When you walk into their store you will never forget it.  You will you get both war stories about Manassas and Antietam and stern admonitions to stay out of the saloons.

Gunsmoke Angelus


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