Pulp Friday: Thou Shalt Not Kill

This week’s pulp western story features a traveling preacher named Dorn.  A circuit riding minister, Dorn comes along about every year or so to visit his friends along the Rio Gato river.  This time there is trouble between the smaller ranchers and farmers and the man known as Gruber who built a dam upstream to drive out his competition.  In steps Dorn to prevent a full blown range war.  Using what may be divine guidance or just his good’ol wits he brings water back to parched valley.  This neat little story appeared in 2-Gun Western, November 1955 (v02 n05) and was written by Ellis Sloan.

PDF>>>   Thou Shalt Not Kill

Plot Hooks:

  • A ruthless rancher who is damming the stream to drive out his competition.
  • Same rancher killing a man in order to marry the widow or drive her away from the valley.  Of course she is the last holdout to his plans and her stead is in the path of the flood waters.
  • Itinerant minister applying justice with the good book (or if that fails with their fists or pistols)
  •  Dynamite as a solution to all things that obstruct the flow of water.

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