Vintage Western Photographs 1

I found this website at the National Archives. Link

It has loads of neat vintage black and white photographs from America’s old West.  I particularly like the section entitled “Towns Out of Dust and Rock” that show what the frontier cities looked like.  There are some interesting photos of various store fronts and business establishments.

I must confess though, after spending an afternoon looking at various digital archives, I really think that the buildings and small towns that are depicted in Western movies seem to be more interesting than the real thing.  They seem to have more character.  Posted below are some of the better pictures I’ve collected today. As I find more I’ll continue to post them as well.  I intend to group them by themes in the future, for example: Adobe, Banks, Log Cabins, Train Depot, Livery, and so on.

Note:  If the stupid carousel view bothers you just click on the permalink icon or right click on the picture and select open in new tab/window.


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