In Tonto Town

A short post here.  Found this poem in an old Western genre Pulp (whose title I can’t remember).  It brought back some memories of the ghost towns that I visited in Arizona when I lived there in the 90’s.  Actually, while in the Army I was stationed at Fort Huachuca, the old cavalry post, for about 5 years.   About 25 minutes down the country road from Fort Huachuca was the famous town of Tombstone.  I used to take the young troops from the base to Tombstone for some terrain appreciation.  We walked all over the back hills and gulleys on the outskirts of the town to teach them the lesson of “contour lines” and “no-go terrain” as depicted on a 1:50,000 scale map.  Back then the Mexican drug war was not as bad as it is now and family trips to the border towns of Nogales, Naco, and Agua Prieta were often on the weekend list of things to do.  I loved it there.  I visited about every ghost town in a 100 mile radius.  On my days off I would take my 4WD Montero around the back roads of the Huachuca Mountains to look at some of the small ranches and the abandoned buildings of what used to be some type of habitation.  One weekend  I took the family all the way to the town of Patagonia (north of Nogales) on the back roads.  That part of Arizona, The San Rafael Valley, is simply paradise.  If you want to look at some ghost town go to this web page.  There are some great ideas for old western buildings to be found in all of the pictures.  Not just in Arizona either.


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