First Post!

This blog is devoted to the Great American Western genre as it relates to miniature war gaming and Role Playing Games (RPGs).  Back in the 70’s and 80’s I was an active Avalon Hill gamer, toy soldier collector and a big Dungeons & Dragons player.  I even had a white box edition of D&D that an older neighbor gave me when he got bored with playing.  This got me and my friends hooked on RPG’s and led me eventually to buy and begin playing the Boot Hill (TSR) game in high school.  I actually found this game more exciting than D&D and I have many great memories playing Boot Hill for hours and hours on the top of my dad’s basement bar.  I vividly recall hand drawing my own maps on large poster board for fictional one-dog towns along the Mexican border or logging camps set in the foot hills of the Rocky Mountains.  I created hundreds of oddly named Non Player Characters (NPCs) to populate these towns in order to be robbed (or saved) by our player characters.  I also lost many of my rolled characters in game play shoot-outs.  It was a load of fun but that was over thirty years ago.  I’ve since married, started a family, began and finished a military career and like many folks in America I’m unemployed.  It’s been a while since I did any role playing at all and I miss it so.  So with this blog I intend to slowly get my feet wet again. The internet has done so much for my old hobbies.  I want to explore what is out there for fellow gamers as well as provide inspiration and resources.  My intention is that this blog will become a well frequented resource for other Western gamers out there.  Over time I hope my posts will be useful to Western genre Game Masters, Role Players or war gamers.  Here is what I plan on doing:

  • Showcase scratch built miniature terrain and provide tutorials and tips on how to build your own items.
  • Review Western short fiction (Pulps and Paperbacks) and novels that I have read.   These reviews will be written to provide role playing adventure hooks and plot lines.
  • Review Western movies and television shows and provide hooks and plot lines as well as screen captures of neat western buildings for inspiration and reference.
  • Post original digital maps.
  • Post original short adventures, gaming charts, helpful lists and generic NPC’s.
  • Review existing Western role playing games and miniature skirmish rules.
  • Post pictures of painted miniatures and review new and existing miniature releases.
  • Post historical pictures, maps and copyright free non-fiction books as references.
  • Post anything else of interest or use to the hobby of Western genre gaming.

So if you happen to have stumbled upon this blog and taken the time to read this post, please leave a comment and I hope you enjoy what you find here.


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Retired Army.
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